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Full Mouth Restoration in Toronto

Toronto Sleep Dentistry

When you look and feel your best, people notice the difference. If you are considering more than one cosmetic dental service, a full smile makeover at our Toronto office may be the right choice for you!

Full Mouth Restoration in Toronto: What does it involve?

A smile makeover at our office is a combination of cosmetic dental services and general dentistry procedures which together will alter the natural appearance of your smile.

The makeover will focus on applying changes to various concerns, including broken, chipped, crooked, missing, or discoloured teeth, and uneven gums.

Cosmetic Dental Makeover, Toronto Dentist

The Aesthetics of a Smile

The smile makeover process can dramatically change the length, width, colour, and shape of your teeth to produce a uniform, vibrant appearance. Your dentist will talk with you about whether you want a more feminine look, a different smile line, whiter teeth – or all three! A smile makeover, however, is not just cosmetic in approach. During the evaluation, your dentist will also check for functional problems such as a bad bite or malocclusion.

Benefits of Making Over Your Smile

Consistency. Having multiple cosmetic procedures performed by the same dentist will prevent variances and differences that can occur when several dentists with different techniques and materials perform the same procedures over a longer period of time.

Minimizing Office Visits. With a smile makeover, the dentist can group the cosmetic procedures in a more efficient manner to save you time and minimize office visits.

Saving Money. Because a smile makeover provides a solution, patients can avoid redundant dental procedures.

Smile Makeovers FAQs

What will be included in my smile makeover?

No two people are exactly alike, and no two smiles are completely the same. To start the smile makeover process, the first thing you need is a consultation appointment. At this visit, the dentist will listen to your ideas, show examples of possible changes, examine your mouth, and craft a custom plan to update your smile.

Won't a smile makeover cost a lot of money?

Every case is different. Until you meet with a dentist, it's hard to estimate the price. However, not taking care of your teeth can result in additional expenses to repair damage and alter your appearance.

How can I get straighter teeth without braces?

In some cases, porcelain veneers can cover front teeth and give your smile a more even look. To actually straighten teeth, many adult and teen patients choose Invisalign clear aligners. This system uses a series of clear, custom aligners to move teeth into the correct position without the inconvenience of traditional metal braces.

What options are available for smile enhancement?

For a smile makeover tailored to fit your needs, your dentist may suggest porcelain veneers to close gaps, teeth whitening to remove stains, and porcelain crowns to replace old restorations. If you are missing teeth, dental implants can give you back a complete smile. Call your dentist and schedule an appointment for a cosmetic consultation.

Nervous about visiting the dentist? We can help.

Our dentists can take the stress out of your next appointment with a range of sleep and sedation dentistry options.

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